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​​​​​​​The social media training you need to get your health-fitness-business to where you always wanted to be!

About The Host:


Vanessa Raphael is the creator and host of the Social Media for Healthpreneurs Summit, founder of Instagram Integrity Marketing, she is a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur, Networker and Health Ambassador, Vanessa Raphael has a genuine gift for networking and connecting the dots of her passions in life with the right people.

Vanessa Raphael has embarked on a heavy health journey since the end of 2016. Leading up to recently she has discovered information about health as well as prayers that has been to great benefit for her. She joined the only protocol to healing MS and auto immune disorders by suppressing them with high doses of vitamin D under medical suppression. She also found a gene test that helped her discover many things about her body such as that she is not gluten intolerant, not caffeine sensitive and has helped her find what diet is best suited for her among the vast majority of diet fads. 

All these discoveries have been a God-send and she wishes that this information was more widespread, so that people in need can find other alternatives than Big Pharma lifelong subscriptions to expensive medical drugs which may not cure no diseases at all. When her mother died from crippling MS in 2013 it was clear to Vanessa Raphael that she had not gotten help for this illness as there was and still is no information about alternative approaches that could send her disease into remission. 

With this current journey fresh in memory, Vanessa Raphael wants to help people like doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, physios and other healthpreneurs to utilize social media to gain exposure for their message online.

Through this Social Media for healthpreneurs summit with it's many interviews and lessons you will receive experts opinions on

a wide variety of social media marketing practices and what you can do to create and maintain a great online presence.

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The social media training you need
to take your health-fitness-business to where you always wanted to be!

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A.J Watkins is a social media consultant and photographer with 5+ years of experience on Twitter and knows the ins and outs of being successful using this powerful social media platform.

A.J has his certifications from HubSpot Academy in inbound and content marketing. 
In this summit he will teach us why we should use Twitter and how it can benefit health entrepreneurs when it is used right.  

About Simple Pin Media:
Simply, we’re crazy about Pinterest! Simple Pin Media started in January of 2014 with just three beta clients and has grown to serving over seventy monthly maintenance clients and hundreds of consultation, clean up, and review clients.

"I have a passion for helping bloggers and business owners grow their business using Pinterest. I aim to teach actionable, simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed."​​​​​​​

Sarah is a personal trainer, Fitness Director at a private club, mother, and writer behind The Fit Niche. She helps fitness and wellness entrepreneurs work smarter (not longer!) and grow their businesses — without breaking the bank! She also runs a free Facebook Group called Fitness Biz + Blog Mastermind Community. 

Tobias Michel

Video Without Overwhelm Expert

Video & streaming without overwhelm

Jeanine Lett

Small Business Consultant

Business advice for (new) entrepreneurs

Tobias is a videographer, media designer and recovering perfectionist. 

He is teaching visual skills not just to aspiring professionals but helps passion-driven entrepreneurs, ministries and creatives to express their heart's message with style without media-technology-overwhelm. 

Jeanine is a small business consultant for creative entrepreneurs (just call her Yoda, young Jedi). Her years of business management experience will help you lay a solid business foundation to build upon. With her ingenuity, passion for business, and customer-service focused approach to consulting she can help any creative slay the entrepreneurial game.

Crystal Dallner is a Marketing Expert and the founder of Studio of Ideas. With experience working in the media industry and having previously owned a PR firm, she has worked with hundreds of clients to show them easy marketing tactics for attracting high-paying clients to their businesses.

​​​​​​​She was Nominated for the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award and one of her biggest accomplishments include launching a Facebook campaign that received 281,000 views and almost 4000 new likes in 8 days (without any paid advertising!)

Patricia loves seeing people step into their authority, celebrity, and expert status. She created a system that makes it super simple for people to step into their greatness, own their awesomeness, and create a book and marketing plan that makes it easy for them to accomplish this in a VERY short time frame.

Since 2005, she has held over 100 calls and panel discussions, starting with her passion the horse industry, with specialists, experts, and business experts. She is the author of several books, including "What To Know Before Marketing Your Clinician, Coaching or Instruction Horse Business... In The New Economy."

Mirna worked as a camera-girl, video-editor and motion designer in Zagreb, Croatia for 10 years.
         She started her first online software-as-a-service business after working for 12 hours a day as a freelance video-editor. She wanted to create a business where she would work less while making money online. After 2 years of intense, hard work on a failing SaaS startup, she instead made $50k with LinkedIn without spending a dollar on ads. 


 Later, she started her LinkedIn consulting business in April 2016. and made $45k in 9 months by using a LinkedIn lead generation strategy that enabled her to get high-end clients on regular basis.

Image strategist Karolina Chic doesn’t see the world in black & white. She’s the secret weapon of professional men & women ready to move from coffin chique to custom chique in the blink of her highly-trained colour-focused eye – so they can build trust and persuade the right audience with their awe-inspiring branding.

Who are the speakers?

Kate Ahl

Pinterest Expert and

Owner of Simple Pin Media 

Discover the best strategies to set Pinterest up for success!

A.J Watkins

Social Media Consultant

Twitter account analysis and how to set yourself appart

Sarah Michelle Skraban

Personal trainer, Fitness Director

Freebies & building a client list through value-packed content

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Nedalee Thomas
The Expert Podcast Academy and CEO of Chanson Water

Why you should start a Podcast!

Nedalee is an author, educator, and researcher, with a passion for healthy living.  Nedalee, literally went from pauper to powerful after being a stay at home mom parenting 19 kids to being a multi million dollar business mogul. As the owner of six business she is the Princess of Podcasting, the creator of Princess Power, The Expert Podcast Academy and the Queen of Chanson Water. Her favorite thing to do is to help people like herself go from Pauper to POWERFUL in the areas of health, wealth and relationships.

What Is The

Social Media For Healthpreneurs Summit?

This summit is about how you in the health-, fitness- and nutrition field can use a wide variety of social media to grow your reach, audience and client list.

Crystal Humeniuk-Dallner

PR & Marketing Expert​

How to create a one-page marketing plan

Patricia Rezetylo

Author & Business Consultant

4 ways to make sure that you are using testimonials in the right way even before you have clients

Mirna Bacun

LinkedIn marketing and funnel expert

How to use LinkedIn to get new clients on autopilot!

Vanessa Raphael

Summit Host

Speaks about Blogging, Facebook and Instagram:

7 tips to blog as a pro in the health industry with integrity and style

​​​​​​​7 tips to leverage Facebook groups and why that is important for a thriving health based business

Why everything you have learned about Instagram from Instagram “gurus” is wrong and 5 ways to get it right

Karolina Chic

Image Strategist

​​​​​​​Avoid the most common mistakes people make when they brand their products or services

Who is this online event for? 

• Doctors

• Personal Trainers 

• Nutritionist

• Chiropractors 

• Anyone with a health and beauty focused business 

The tips, tools and strategies taught in this summit can be applied by anyone who is doing online marketing and anyone who has an online business​​​​​​​

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